The Place Independent School

Key Facts

  • Age range: 7-14 years
  • Type: Safe and nurturing environment
  • Individual learning programmes
  • Complex attachment difficulties and past trauma
  • 1:1 and small group learning
  • Farmland setting
  • Alpacas, chickens, pigs and ponies

Set in a large farmhouse, on 15 acres of its own farmland, The Place Independent School uses the outdoors as an educational tool for children with existing attachment and past trauma experiences.

The school was set up to meet the needs of children and young people aged 7-14, whose emotional and development needs cannot be met in mainstream education.

Everyone at the school believes that no young person should fail as a result of their past experiences and complex histories. Children have individual learning programmes, with high levels of nurturing, structure and supervision to help them to thrive.

The PLACE - Play, Love, Attachment, Curiosity and Empathy – model guides the work of teachers and support staff to create a safe and caring environment for pupils.

The rural setting and school animals, including alpacas, chickens, pigs and ponies, help children feel safe and can provide them with the first steps towards increased trust and self-esteem.


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